Easy Blackened Chicken

taught by Sarah O'Donnell

Course description

Blackened chicken is a memorable meal that is fast and easy. Listen to Sarah explain how to make it, download the recipe file, and get to cooking.

Sarah O'Donnell
Sarah O'Donnell
Sarah O'Donnell

Sarah has been cooking and working for more years than she's willing to admit.

Her friends and family tell her she should start a restaurant so others can taste her cooking. That sounds like too much work to her. So she decided to teach some online cooking classes, as a way of sharing what she knows. Then maybe her students' friends and family will tell them they should start a restaurant. (Hey, if you do, be sure to let her know!)

Her mother always wondered how Sarah got to be such a good cook because when growing up, she never wanted to learn how. Sarah believes it's because what she DID love when she was young was chemistry -- and to her cooking and chemistry are pretty close to the same thing.

Contact Sarah at sarahcooks@windstormgroup.com She'd love to hear from you.

Course Curriculum

How to Make Easy Blackened Chicken
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The Recipe
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