Planning Your Thanksgiving Meal

How to Stay Sane While Hosting the Big Event | taught by Sarah O'Donnell

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What’s in This Class

The key to surviving Thanksgiving and keeping your sanity at the same time is Planning. So, this is not a how-to-cook-Thanksgiving-dinner class. It’s a step-by-step process for planning the big feast.

The Thanksgiving Pre-Plan Questionnaire

You’ll start by taking a detailed questionnaire, the Pre-Plan Questionnaire. This will help you think of things you might have forgotten and make some decisions you might not have been thinking about yet.

Phase 1 Planning

Then you’ll take the information and decisions you’ve made (and documented on the questionnaire) and do three things:

  • Finalize your menu
  • Plan your invitations
  • Create your Master Shopping List.

The Master To-Do List

Here you’ll take all of the planning you’ve done and turn it into a Master To-Do List. I’ve provided a list for you to start with and you will have already thought of many things that need to go on this list while you’ve been planning. This chapter is where you put it all together.

Phase 2 Planning

The Master To-Do List takes you up to what I call T-Day (for Thanksgiving Day, Turkey Day, or just The Day).

The day of the feast itself can become quite complicated, so the To-Do list for this day is done differently.

First, you’ll fill out a Timing Chart that let’s you break down everything you need to do for cooking and hosting on the day of T-Day.

Then, you’ll take that information and put it into a Time Table. At the end of this process, you’ll won’t just have a list of To-Do items, you’ll have a schedule for when you need to do it.

Sarah O'Donnell
Sarah O'Donnell
Sarah O'Donnell

Sarah has been cooking and working for more years than she's willing to admit.

Her friends and family tell her she should start a restaurant so others can taste her cooking. That sounds like too much work to her. So she decided to teach some online cooking classes, as a way of sharing what she knows. Then maybe her students' friends and family will tell them they should start a restaurant. (Hey, if you do, be sure to let her know!)

Her mother always wondered how Sarah got to be such a good cook because when growing up, she never wanted to learn how. Sarah believes it's because what she DID love when she was young was chemistry -- and to her cooking and chemistry are pretty close to the same thing.

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